Marijuana as an aphrodisiac

Marijuana Sex
Marijuana Sex

Marijuana is a powerful aphrodisiac that increases pleasure during sex. We become more sensitive and it makes us to focus more and prolongs orgasms. In fact, Indica has been in use for tantric rituals for more than 3,000 years ago. However, more recent studies claim that it strengthens the male erection. How can we take advantage of the cannabis to have better sex?

First, the effects of marijuana are not one hundred percent predictable and rely heavily on the variety, the situation and the people. Everyone has different feelings because of the contamination of THC, CBD and CBN. So you can not say that marijuana causes generally better sex. Our advice is to read, get informed and try it for yourself, just you need to keep an eye on the time and doses.

According to the sex columnist Lisa Kirkman, it makes us release oxytocin, the ‘love molecule’, a hormone related to sexual patterns and maternal and paternal behavior that as well acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. “Marijuana generally increases the sensitivity, the perception of the body and works as disinhibitor. Thus, the sativas work very well for couples looking to increase your pleasure. However, each person must find their formula, “says activist Alicia Castilla Argentina.

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But what strain I choose? Is it indica or sativa? According to Lisa Kirkman, “sativas have the ability to contract the muscles there by improving performance.” Users also agree that the sativas work best because they have invigorating effects and not pull you down as Indica does.

According to Kirkman, strains with ratios around 70:30 work better than 100% Indica or Sativa. The pure strains can cause effects such as drowsiness ends in the first case and the second paranoia.

As well as you don t have to smoke it, you can cook a romantic dinner orinhaled vaporized. For the latter has chosen the collective ‘ Aphrodite Group ‘ he has brought to market an organic lubricant made with cannabis women orgasms that provides up to 15 minutes. Yes, up to 15 minutes. THC is the viagra for women. In fact, this is not new, some of the women know very well that introduced resin, oil extracts or pure THC in the vagina provides orgasms vertigo. ‘Aphrodite Group ‘ will not be the only group that bet strong by these lubricants in the near future.

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However, marijuana can not only serve to increase the pleasure of intercourse, but as well to cure sexual dysfunctions. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine used to treat impotence and increase libido. For these purposes, the sativas are better. However, there are cases where an indica can come in handy, especially if the user suffers from neurosis, anxiety or physical pain.

Alicia Castilla tells us a case that illustrates this situation: “A few weeks ago I consulted a friend who was tortured during the dictatorship [Argentina]. The torture left him with terrible consequences up to the last vertebrae , making it difficult to walk. I wondered an aphrodisiac variety. I asked him if he would like cannabis. He said yes, but the pain prevented his erection. I suggested that ProBase with a high concentration Indica CBD for their analgesic effects. The next day I received an SMS with a huge thank you. ”



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