Jasmine Mans could destroy both Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj in 8 bars.

Jasmine Mans and Nicki Minaj
Jasmine Mans and Nicki Minaj

The internet is going crazy over Remy Ma releasing the Shether, which is pretty much a remake of Nas’ Ether on Remy Ma. It is fair to say that Remy Ma has the upper hand on Nicki, but there is a spoken words poet by the name of Jasmine Mans who would easily obliterate both female rappers. In fact, if Jasmine was to throw some bars at Remy, the Terror Squad rapper would probably wish she was back behind bars.

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For those who don’t know Jasmine Mans, they will probably think 18 Karat reggae is talking foolishness. We could write a few paragraphs trying to explain why we feel the way we feel but we would much rather have you check her out yourself. Check out her work below:



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