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small wood big pumpum

After a messy break up with her boyfriend, a young lady decided to broadcast on Facebook that he had a small penis. Whether he was covering his shame or simply telling the truth, the boyfriend retaliated with a public post claiming the girl had a big vagina. So now all the friends of this ex-couple were wondering which one was telling the truth, or if both of them were.

No man wants to be called the small penis man by any woman and every man dreams of being with a woman with a tight vagina.

Throughout history humans have made fun of small penises, but large vaginas have gotten a pass. The human penis is the largest in the mammalian kingdom. Its average erection size is about 5.5 inches whereas that of the largest gorilla is about half that size. The largest recorded human erection is 13 inches. The average width of a human vagina is 2.5-3 inches and length 3.5 inches. Vaginal size, however, can at least double its size during intercourse and, of course, during childbirth. The largest vagina was recorded in the 19th century in a woman over 7 feet tall weighing 350 pounds. She delivered a 23 pound baby with a head width of 19 inches. That record might have been broken in 2013 when a woman was caught with 54 bags of marijuana in her vagina.

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There is little doubt that there are sexual disadvantages for both a man with a small penis and a woman with a large vagina, particularly if the two of them get together. In such an instance, couples should try to figure out different techniques to make things work. For example in a 2016 reggae song where an artist was paying tribute to his fat girlfriend, he sings that even though her vagina is huge, he just tip toe in I and make it work. Another technique to satisfy a large vagina is to work it along the walls rather than in the center. The G-spot is real, if the penis can find the G-spot; you will have a satisfied vagina. Last but not least is the passion, if there is passion between the couple; intimacy is guaranteed to be great.



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