7 Strains of Marijuana you MUST smoke before you die.

Marijuana Smoker
Marijuana Smoker

Most people only know about the two main marijuana strains; sativa, the upper and indica, the downer.  However, there are many different strains of marijuana that are made from the main two strains.

Below we list 7 strains of marijuana that every lover of the herb should smoke before they die.

Jack Herer AKA Green Crack.

Babylon wants us to believe that smoking marijuana makes people lazy, that could not be further from the truth.  This strain of marijuana gets you clear-headed and give you a burst of energy that no amount if caffeine can accomplish.

Sour Dream.

Are you an introvert, never the life of a party?  Do you need a few glass of drinks before you can open up and let loose? Remember that alcohol kills.  A better option would be to smoke some sour dream.  The euphoric sensations of sativa-heavy strains like Sour Dream will have you feeling joyful and upbeat.

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Purple Haze.

Ever wondered where great men like Peter Tosh, Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley got their inspiration from?  If you guessed weed, you are correct.  Cannabis is an incredibly useful tool to help enhance creativity and open your mind. Sativa-heavy Purple Haze can amplify your imagination, giving you a free-spirited and open-minded high.

Girl Scout Cookies.

Do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or maybe just need a little help in pitching a tent? Forget about Viagra and Cialis, the right Marijuana strain can solve your problem. The sexual benefits of Girl Scout Cookies are unrivaled. Mentally, smoking it calms you, open your mind, and lower inhibitions. The physical benefits are nothing short of euphoric: heightened sensitivity to touch, total relaxation, and increased arousal.

Bubba Kush.

Cannabis is great for relaxing. When you want to chill but you still want to be social, you cannot go wrong with Bubba Kush. This strain puts you in an extreme state of relaxation yet still alert enough to function.

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Cherry Kush.

Like her cousin Bubba Kush, Cherry Kush is an extreme relaxer but much stronger.  If you are having trouble sleeping, forget about Nyquil, ZZquil, Unison or any of the other sleeping medicines you can pick up at your local pharmacy; just roll up some cherry kush and good sleep will be your best friend.

Blue Dream.

If you are suffering from anxiety, there is no reason to run to the doctor.  Blue Dream is widely used for treating anxiety and paranoia, so it will relax your body and mind, plus gives you a clear and happy head.






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