Top Reggae artiste says he would have no problem with Dalton Harris sitting on his lap.

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Dalton Harris sitting in the lap of fellow X Factor contestant Brendan Murray
Dalton Harris sitting in the lap of fellow X Factor contestant Brendan Murray

Dancehall music, the child of reggae music, which was once labeled as “Murder Music” by the homosexual community may be taking a softer tone than the homophobic lyrics that were prevalent in the genre during the 1990’s, however, that did not stop their criticizing of Dalton Harris when he appeared in a questionable photo.

Earlier this week, one of the top artistes in the genre, who asked that we not release his name, says that not only would he love to do a song with X-Factor winner, Dalton Harris, but he would have no problem with Harris sitting in his lap.

“A man sitting in another man’s lap does not mean either man is gay. It is just a sign of friendship,” the artiste who wished to remain anonymous said. “Furthermore, I don’t care about his sexuality, he is very talented and if he approaches me about doing a song today, I am in the stupid yesterday. A deh suh my ting deh. Yah. A suh it important.”

Harris faced a lot of criticisms after a photograph surfaced showing him sitting in the lap of fellow X Factor contestant Brendan Murray.

Many in the dancehall community did not appreciate the photo of Dalton Harris sitting in another man’s lap and some openly questioned Harris’ sexuality. The warlord, Bounty Killer, even went as far as saying the photo looked “fafunky” which in Jamaica is another term for homosexual.

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The artiste who wishes to remain anonymous does not agree with Bounty Killer.

“Bounty can gwaan run off his mouth. He can hardly leave Jamaica. When I was younger I would not do a song with Frankie Paul because there were rumors that he was gay, now the great singer dead and gone without me and him doing a tune. I have grown and matured. I was one of the first artistes to sign the Reggae Compassionate Act and I endorse Dalton whether he is straight or gay,” the artiste who wishes to remain anonymous continued.

The Reggae Compassionate Act was put together by gay activist, Peter Tatchell, back in late 2006 and he required that every reggae artiste who has ever sung homophobic lyrics sign the act if they wanted to perform outside of Jamaica without facing boycott from the British human rights group ‘OutRage!’

It is funny that reggae dancehall has find itself at such a crossroad at this important point in the music’s history. Just has a Jamaican has won the X-Factor and is having his sexuality questioned, another one of Jamaica’s favorite sons will be coming out of prison in a few days. That other son is Buju Banton, the man whose song “Boom bye bye”, is said to be the spark that started the whole homophobic music in dancehall. Many in the dancehall community even believe that Buju’s arrest and incarceration was a hit job by the gay community.

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Buju Banton took a lot of heat for the song and his career has faced a lot of sabotage over the years. Shabba Ranks who came to Buju Banton’s defense also saw his career derailed. The funniest thing about all this is the place where Shabba came to Buju’s defense and the derailment of his career began, is the same place where Dalton Harris won the X-Factor, the United Kingdom.

The way all of this is unfolding makes one wonder if the picture being released of Dalton sitting in another man’s lap and then winning the X Factor just days before Buju Banton release is part of a perfect plan being executed by the homosexual community to get Jamaica to accept homosexuality.

18 Karat Reggae promised not to release the name of the artiste who says he would not only record a song with Dalton Harris but would also allow the x Factor winner to sit in his lap. We are keeping our promise but can you guess who the artiste is?



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