Why you should buy your marijuana on the black market.

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Jamaican weed
Jamaican weed

Marijuana legalization is a good thing, in fact it is great but it is also bad. When Peter Tosh sung “Legalize it”, today’s marijuana legalization is not what he had in mind. Like vultures, corporations swooped down into the marijuana business thus creating an industry that is as bad as the alcohol and cigarette industries.

After Canada legalized marijuana and corporations fought for leadership position there became a huge marijuana shortage. As a result, these companies started manufacturing marijuana instead of cultivating it. So when you buy marijuana from these marijuana corporations, your “marijuana” could be coming from a lab and not a farm.

In the sake of health, marijuana smokers should stick to getting weed the old way that they got, on the Black market. If weed smokers allow these marijuana corporations to run the street marijuana hustlers out of business, marijuana lovers will pay dearly with their health just as heavy drinkers and cigarette smokers pay with their health today.

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Sally Schindel knows very well about the danger of the marijuana being manufactured by greedy corporations. She lost her son who was a veteran of the Army to the drug. Below are excerpts from her story but you could read the full article here.

They clearly do not understand how the marijuana industry has irresponsibly manipulated pot into dangerously high levels of potency.
My son could explain it to them. Or he could if he was still with us.

“I want to die,” he wrote before hanging himself at the age of 31. “My soul is already dead. Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

Profit-seeking companies have pushed THC levels higher and higher. They have done this primarily by extracting THC from the leafy plant and flowers to create new, high-potency products they call shatter, wax or hash.

Today’s marijuana has as much similarity to the pot brownies of the 1970s as a smart phone does to a Texas Instruments calculator. Today’s marijuana is incredibly potent, powerful enough to destroy lives.

Naturally farmed marijuana heals but there is nothing natural about the marijuana you are getting from these corporations in the marijuana industry. It behooves marijuana lovers to make sure their marijuana is coming from a farm and not a lab or factory.

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Marijuana smokers cannot afford to drive weed hustlers out of business.



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