Genetically Modified Marijuana is headed to dispensaries in Colorado.

Genetically modified marijuana just got real. Cannabis is joining the ranks of biotech fruits and vegetables sold in U.S. grocery stores.

While most pharmaceutical companies have been fighting against marijuana legalization in order to protect their profits from Opioids, Monsanto and Bayer have taken a different approach.

In 2015, Monsanto patented the first genetically modified strain of Cannabis. The first commercial harvest of GMO Marijuana will be in Colorado’s dispensaries this summer.

While the GMO marijuana will be in short supply and is mainly meant to test if biotech pot will be accepted by stoners, it could spell a lot of trouble for the industry. If stoners do not show much resistance, a takeover of the marijuana industry by big pharmaceuticals could be very possible.

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While preparing to test the market in Colorado, Monsanto’s is also educating European farmers on modernized agriculture which includes producing marijuana.

Considering this, and the fact that Monsanto and Bayer are currently sharing trade secrets regarding the production of genetically modified marijuana, they seem to be setting the stage for a full-scale corporate colonization of cannabis.

Pretty soon the only way stoners will be sure that they are getting natural organic marijuana is to go to small countries like Jamaica to get high.

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