Racial Profiling is a Failed Method of Crime Fighting.

Criminal Profiling often fails because enforcers are caught up with a Race or Gender, instead of focussing on behaviors and motivation.

Take marijuana for instance, the conception of its criminalization was triggered by a need to target minority groups in the US. Decades of profiling and criminalization yet marijuana’s use has increased tremendously. Essentially the efforts to fight its use has categorically failed because the focus isn’t on the motivation for marijuana use, it’s been on black and brown people albeit it there’s no proof that said groups use marijuana anymore than Caucasians

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To focus on race or gender is to suggest that criminality is cultural…crimes are committed by the minority’s of any given nation or sector; therefore, criminality is a *subculture* not a mainstream reality.

We ought to be serious about crime fighting as a society. We can start by controlling our racial biases. Crimes are committed for a reason, means to an end etc, not specific to race or gender.



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