18 Karat Reggae did what Shabba Ranks and Super Cat couldn’t do: Get the better of Ninjaman.


It is not every day you hear that someone gets the better of the original front teeth, gold teeth, gun pon teeth, Don gorgon Ninjaman. Just ask Shabba Ranks, Flourgon, Super Cat and countless other dancehall stars.

However, on April 1, 2017; 18 Karat Reggae was able to do just that even though it was not our intention It was all fool’s day and people were posting pranks all over Facebook. So we decided to join in the fun and see how many readers we could fool versus how many would catch on that is just an April Fool’s joke.

Vybz Kartel fans must remember years ago when he sent a letter to Mutabaruka claiming he was set up by Jamaican police. So we decided we would write an article claiming that Kartel sent another letter to Mutabaruka stating he has accepted Jesus Christ.

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Of course a few people realize it was April 1 and did not fall for the prank, however, quite a few people fell for it, including the greatest clash deejay of all time.

It was not long before Ninjaman had a video on the internet saying how proud he was that the world boss had accepted the Lord.

When we listen to the knowledge that Ninjaman shared because of the video, we can’t help but to be glad that we pulled the little prank as this is something great that came out of it.

Below is Ninjaman’s video:

We are equally happy we did the article as it revealed a lot about dancehall and its current state. We like to blame dancehall artists for the filth and folly that covers the genre but for the most part that is what fans want to hear. While many fans were happy for Kartel deciding to make a positive change, many more were disappointed with a women even going as far as saying, “Oh no, this means no more cocky in pussy songs from Kartel,” which she followed up with a sad face.

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The question also brought up discussions on whether a man like Kartel could ever change and accept God; with some saying he has past the stage of evil to the point where change is not possible. Others also claim that a self-proclaimed free-mason can never be a Christian.

Here is the so-called letter that tricked the don gorgon: Vybz Kartel accepts Jesus Christ




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