Matisyahu, “The King of Reggae”, rides again.


Matisyahu, the first Hasidic Jew reggae artist and the man a Jewish publication referred to as the king of reggae will be releasing a new album on May 19th.

This album will be different than the previous five albums in that there is no label or other outside forces involved apart from the Matisyahu and the band.

“This is the first album I’ve made that is produced by me and the band without any outside forces involved. It’s my baby. No compromises, full artistic integrity,” Matisyahu said.

The Grammy nominated singer said the first single off the album, Step Out Into The Light, sets the tone for the set as he delves into a musical reframing of the Jewish philosophical differences between the constant of faith (‘Emunah’) and the immediacy of trust (‘Bitachon’).

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“Emunah is nothing more than an understanding that God runs the world and is part of the world in every way and in every dimension. Bitachon is a trust or reliance in God or friends, family, etc… for your own personal journey through this world. Someone can intellectually understand or emotionally have faith that the world is beyond the self, but still have no trust that world cares at all about his own personal life and journey,” he said.

Matisyahu whose given name is Matthew Miller, blends Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip hop.

When the Jewish publication called Matisyahu the king of reggae, a title that is often reserved for Bob Marley, they referred to his song “King without a crown” to justify their crowning of the Jewish star. Even though Matisyahu has said nothing publicly about the article, his fans pointed out that the song had nothing to do with being the king of reggae and Matisyahu did not see himself as such.

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Matisyahu’s debut album Shake Off The Dust…Arise was released in 2006. This was followed by Youth, Light, Spark Seeker, and Akeda in the years 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2014, respectively.



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