There are no good police officers.

Police Officers
Police Officers

Many Americans including the president like to tell that one big lie that, “the majority of law enforcement officers are good”. The face of the matter is, if there were a large number of good police officers there would be no bad ones. Why? The good would weed out the bad; it is as simple as that.

If an office sees a fellow officer bending or breaking the rules and does not report it, then he is just as bad as the officer that he is failing to report. So bad officers would not last in the force if there were all these good officers that people claim exist.

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There is no honor in the so-called “blue wall of silence”; in fact it is downright disgraceful. How can you take an oath to uphold the law then turn your back on a fellow office doing wrong?

The truth is, the blue wall of silence is no different than the silly “no snitching” unwritten rule of the hood. The difference is, however, in the hood people are not paid with tax payers money to uphold the law, neither did they take an oath to serve and protect.

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So if cops want to be considered good, the ones who see themselves as good cops need to start ratting out the bad ones and make the world a better place.

Until the blue wall of silence is destroyed, all police officers must be painted with a broad brush. Speak out against and report evil, otherwise, you are evil, plain and simple.



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