Woman stabs ex-boyfriend to death after he chased her with machete.

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Jamaica man holding machete.
Jamaica man holding machete.

A Jamaican woman is in police custody after the stabbing death of her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child. Police say they are not releasing the name of the woman since she has not been charged for any crime as yet and is currently only in custody for questioning.

The incident occurred yesterday in St. Catherine, Jamaica when Marvin Watson, 36, was stabbed to death.

The police Corporate Communications Unit reports that Watson and the woman got into a confrontation and he was stabbed and later succumbed to his injuries.

According to reports, Watson became irate after he went home and saw his child’s mother in the living room. The two were no longer together but the woman was at the house at the request of Watson’s aunt who needed some assistance with her hair.

It’s reported that Watson began shouting at the woman, snatched her cellphone, threw it to the ground and proceeded to stomping on it.
The woman, in a bid to escape Watson’s wrath, ran to the kitchen, but was followed by an enraged Watson, who was armed with a machete, police sources said.

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She reportedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ran to an adjacent bedroom with Watson in pursuit.

It’s alleged that the 26-year-old woman used the knife to stab Watson to the left side of his neck and left hand.
He ran from the house and collapsed on a sidewalk before he was pronounced dead at hospital.

Watson’s killing comes just two days after Sharon Cole, 61, was brutally chopped to death with machete by her estranged lover.

Police reports are that about 5:10 p.m. on Monday, the accused man used a machete to inflict several wounds to Cole’s body after the two were involved in a dispute at a grocery store. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

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The Jamaica Constabulary Force said, in a press statement on Tuesday that the accused was apprehended in the Corporate Area by the St Andrew Central police.

Sonia Fearon, Cole’s cousin, is the shopkeeper at the grocery facility where the ill-fated incident took place. She said Cole was pounced upon because the man could not handle rejection.

Cole rejected the accused’s request to buy him a drink and hummed to drown out further dialogue. He exploded afterwards with unimaginable violence.

“Him grab har and go outside and grab the cutlass and start chop merciless. Me cry, cry out fi help, and nobody to me rescue, because nobody was there,” Fearon said.

A dog that was barking after the attack on Cole was chopped in two by the assailant.



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