What does Jimmie Walker sees in Ann Coulter: Modern day beauty and the beast couple.

Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter
Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter

It is difficult to imagine exactly what the heck Jimmie Walker sees in Ann Coulter but apparently he sees enough to be dating her. The actor who brought laughter to millions of living rooms when he starred on the Hit TV show Good Times could surely do well when it comes to women but he chose a skinny, right wing conservative bigot.

What could a tall and handsome Black man like Walker see in a woman with a neck that is about twice an average giraffe’s in length? Why would a man that brought so much joy to people’s heart and smiles to millions of faces cuddle with a tramp that spews nothing but hatred?

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Although it’s obvious why Ann Coulter fell head over heels for Walker, what did he see in her? It is not like she has what it takes to make a man’s heart skip a beat. She does not have a charming personality. Maybe she is wealthy. Or maybe Walker feels like so many other Black male celebrities, they need a white woman to complete them. They do not care how she looks, they do not care about her character, they don’t even care if she is in the KKK; she just has to be white.

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Well, if Coulter makes Walker happy then more power to him but he obviously could have done a lot better; beauty and the beast is for movies and this is real life.



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