Remy Ma kills Nicki Minaj like Nas Killed Jay-Z

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj
Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj

When Nas dropped “Ether”, the greatest dis song in the history hip-hop, the world thought that no other dis song would ever come close. Well, maybe if you take the same beat, the same flow and even borrow and reword some of Nas’ rhymes another song might come close. Well that is exactly what Remy Ma did in her new song “Shether” and although it might still not come close to “Ether”, it buries Nicki Minaj the same way Nas buried Jay Z.

While Beyonce was in no position to defend her now husband when he got bodied by Nas, it seems like Queen Bee want to try and help out Nicki Minaj. Beyonce sings Prince classic Darling Nikki to Nicki Minaj announcing the two female powerhouse performers’ collaboration. Beyonce changed the lyrics to fit to Nicki Minaj like “the rap queen”. Remy Ma lyrics are way to brutal for Beyone to be of any real help, however.

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“Talking ’bout bringing knives to a fight with guns / When the only shots you ever took was in your buns,” Remy Ma says on “Shether,” a response to Minaj’s line about “trying to win a gunfight with a bunch of knives.”

“Shether,” with its artwork of a dismembered Barbie doll resembling Minaj, arrives a day after Minaj used her verse on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” to attack an unnamed rapper many assumed was Remy Ma.

In response to Minaj’s “Make Love” lyric, “You see, silly rabbit / To be the queen of rap / You gotta sell / You gotta get plaques,” Remy Ma fired back, “Stop talking numbers / You signed a 360 deal through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic / Which means your money goes through five niggas before you touch it / Any videos, endorsements come out of your budget / Endorsements, tour and merchandise, they finger-fuck it / You make like 35 cents off of each ducket.”

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It should be interesting to see where this lyrical clash between these two females go. Maybe it will give Jay Z nightmares about what happened over a decade ago and he might decide to join with his wife and Nicki Minaj to answer Remy Ma.

Long lives the Ether but we welcome the Shether.

Poet Jasmine Mans also bodied Nicki Minaj a few years ago:



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