Sizzla is the king or Reggae.

Without any doubt, Miguel Collins aka Sizzla Kalonji, is the king of reggae music.

Not only is Sizzla the king of reggae when it comes to quality, he is also the king in quantity. The Bobo Ashanti artist already has over 70 albums under his belt which includes classic albums like “Black woman and child”, “Praise ye Jah”, “Ghetto Revolution”, “Da Real thing”, “Freedom Cry” and “Royal sons of Ethiopia”.

Although Sizzla was himself influenced by Peter Tosh, no reggae artist including Tosh has influenced more artists than Sizzla Kalonji. As a matter of fact, every conscious artist that came after Sizzla, you can hear the Sizzla influence in their music. From Jah Cure, Jah Mason, Richie Spice, I-Wayne all the way down to Jaheim, you can hear the Sizzla influence when you listen to them. In fact, even artist that got their break before Sizzla like Capleton, Buju Banton and Anthony B, you can hear how they change after they were influenced by Sizzla.

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Sizzla is not only a singer but also a doer. One only has to look at the charity work that Sizzla has done from Africa to Jamaica and the Caribbean to understand that he does not sing Rasta but he lives Rasta.

In the words of Marcus Garvey, Sizzla has given the world the type of lyrics that are bound to liberate the mind from mental slavery, at least those minds that want to be liberated. One of the most poignant of such lyrics is in the song “No white god”, where Sizzla sings:

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I have no white god, don’t teach me anything wrong
Would a white god save me from white man oppression

When you consider that Sizzla is only in his early 40s and already put in so much work, he is already the king but the sky is the limit to how high this king will rise.

So why Sizzla don’t gets his recognition as the great reggae king? To answer that question, you first have to answer this one; Why doesn’t reggae gets its recognition as the king of all music?



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