Rygin King is now dancehall’s hottest deejay and making the best dubplates.

Rygin King
Rygin King

In a short time, Rygin King has made ripples in the music industry with his trap-fused dancehall singles. The ‘Tuff’ deejay has joined forces with Dub Plaza (@Jermainedubplaza) and is creating some of the hottest dubplates for sound clashes, playing alongside or just regular juggling.

It is no secret that every sound system in dancehall needs dubplates. Right now the top artiste for dub plates is Rygin King and the best person to contact for dubplates from any dancehall or reggae artiste is @Jermainedubplaza.
According to the Rygin King’s management, the deejay, who just finished touring the United States, performed in front of a sold out crowd at every show. Of his performance, Rygin King said: “It was a good look. Although dem tuff, di people a support because my performance in the States is something they have been anticipating.”

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He continued: “Georgia is a trap music community, so they loved what I had to bring to the genre as well as the dancehall. It was a whole lot of expectations, but mi approach with the mindset to expect the unexpected, which is what people must do when it comes to One King.”

Jermaine, the owner of dub plaza said he is the ultimate stop for sound systems who are looking for dub plates. “Regardless of which dancehall or reggae artiste they need a dubplate from, all they have to do is contact Dub Plaza in Instagram @Jermainedubplaza,” he said.

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