Bill Cosby has molested every American female over 35 years old.

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

If you are at least 35 years of age and has been living in the United States for at least 15 years, answer the questions below.

Has Bill Cosby ever raped, molested, harassed, impregnated, sexually assaulted, drugged or tied you up?

Have you ever been invited to dinner with Bill Cosby and his wife but when you showed up, it was him alone and a bottle of drink?

Has Bill Cosby ever offered you a drink and you don’t remember what happened afterwards except that you woke up pantiless in his bed?

Has Mr. Cosby ever promised you an appearance on the Cosby show and/or other TV shows if you gave him fellatio?

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Has Bill Cosby ever offered you a pill that let you feel so strange that you willfully perform disgusting sexual acts with him?

Have you ever been around Mr. Cosby and just all of a sudden pass out, only to wake up with to find him fondling you?

Have you ever told Bill Cosby that you had an infection and couldn’t have sex so he had you Monica Lewinsky him?

Has Bill Cosby ever got you drunk at a restaurant, took you home pretending to be nice and putting you to bed then try to have sex with you?

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Has Bill Cosby ever given you alcohol while you were underage and then raped you?

If you did not answer yes to at least one of the questions above, then you are either lying or you are not at least 35 years of age and has been living in the United States for at least 15 years.



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