Black Uhuru confident they will win the Reggae Grammy Award over Ziggy Marley.

Duckie Simpson of Reggae group Black Uhuru and Ziggy Marley
Duckie Simpson of Reggae group Black Uhuru and Ziggy Marley

Even though they were surprised to be nominated for the 2019 Reggae Grammy Award, Black Uhuru’s lead singer, Duckie Simpson, is confident that they will take home the trophy.

While their album “As The World Turns” is a masterpiece of work, Black Uhuru is going up against Ziggy Marley and everybody knows what happens when the Marleys are nominated for the Reggae Grammy Award, they win the Reggae Grammy Award. In fact, Ziggy Marley has won more Reggae Grammy Awards than any other reggae artiste.

Ziggy Marley is not even the main challenge Black Uhuru has to face, as Shaggy and Sting with their 44/876 album is also nominated. Even Ziggy has to worry about winning this year because he has to go up against the much whiter Sting. Yes, when it comes to reggae and the Grammys, they see talent in terms of pigmentation, where less melanin equals more talent.

It would be great to see Black Uhuru who were the first Reggae act to win a Reggae Grammy Award, win it again but the facts are to blatant to ignore. If you are white, half-white or quarter-white, you have a greater chance to win the Reggae Grammy, regardless of the quality of your album.

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Still all of this is not letting Simpson lose his confidence as he is convinced that the group put in the necessary hard work to warrant the award.

“Mi neva did a pene Grammy when mi a record the album. But wi put in a whole heap of work in the last five years inna California… Wi outta dem place deh like New Zealand and Europe. Wi active in the world,” Simpson told 18 Karat Reggae.

According to Simpson, As The World Turns is different from previous Uhuru albums.
“This is the first CD with Duckie upfront, It’s hard core,” he said.
The set boasts collaborations with Prezident Brown, Agent Sasco and Bugle. Executively produced by Mike Gener and Simpson, As The World Turns features keyboard player Horace Campbell, guitarist Leebert “Gibby” Morrison, and Nichole “Nikki” Burton on vocals. It was mixed by his stepson Jermaine Forde.

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“The album yah very special to me… working with Jermaine and the team. Jermaine help open my music to a younger generation. He is the person behind the collab with Bugle on Jah Guide. Bugle and Jermaine tight. Big up Sasco too; a my deejay that quietly. A six years ago mi and Prezident Brown record the song Live and Learn,” he said.
Black Uhuru was formed in Waterhouse in 1972. Simpson, Michael Rose and American Puma Jones comprised the most successful line-up from the late 1970s to 1985, when Rose left and was replaced by Junior Reid.
In 1985 the group etched its name in the history books by winning the first-ever Grammy Award for Best Reggae Recording for the album Anthem.

The 2019 Reggae Grammy nominees are:

1. As The World Turns – Black Uhuru
2. Reggae Forever – Etana
3. Rebellion Rises – Ziggy Marley
4. A Matter Of Time – Protoje
5. 44/876 – Sting & Shaggy



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