Donovan Germain is back to being Buju Banton’s manager.

Buju Banton and Donovan Germain
Buju Banton and Donovan Germain

Early in Buju Banton’s career he was managed by Donovan Germain. Later on Buju found new management even though the two continued to be friends. Now Germain is back to being not only the manager for the deejay but he is also a mentor and their friendship has continued to grow.

Germain being Banton’s manager is very important and something to pay close attention to. Why? Well, Germain is also the manager of X Factor winner, Dalton Harris. While it has not been confirmed by any of the parties, it is not far fetched to think that a Dalton / Banton collaboration is on the way.

A collaboration between Buju Banton and Dalton Harris would be great for both artistes. Dalton could introduce Banton to a younger audience that were not yet teenagers when Banton got sent to prison. On the other hand, Banton could introduce Dalton to a more mature audience that the X Factor don’t attract,

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Making music is not on Buju’s mind right now though. According to Germain the artiste wants to spend quality time with his family before making new music.

“We took him to Penthouse studio after his arrival and spent a brief time there before going to his own studio for another brief stop, before he went home to rest,” Germain told a Jamaican news outlet.

Germain also explained why Buju did not take the time to greet the thousands of fans that had came to the airport to welcome him home.

“He felt the crowd was too big, and Buju had already been harassed by the dozens of passengers who travelled home with him, taking full advantage of their luck by taking pictures and videoing him, and asking questions on his way back home,” Germain said.

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“I went to pick him up, but on seeing the crowd we went for him in the cargo section, took him out through that exit and took him to the studio,” Germain explained.

“He was in a good mood. He looked well rested and he has actually put on a lot of weight. He used to weigh about 150 pounds; now he is 200 pounds and it is muscles, not fat,” he said.



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