Mavado used and abused Nikki Z, according to Spice.

Spice and Nikki Z
Spice and Nikki Z

If it seems like dancehall was getting boring, things are a changing and they are changing very fast. Thanks to the self-proclaimed queen of the dancehall, Spice, dancehall is starting to be fun again. In fact, it is safe to say that since the heydays of the Gaza / Gully conflict, dancehall has not been more interesting than it was this week.

Spice is on a rampage, she is pulling no punches and she is not biting her tongue. The diva took to Instagram to lash out at radio personality, Nikki Z, and boy did she lash out. If there was such a thing as boxing gloves made of disrespect then Spice put on a pair and repeatedly punched Nikki Z in the face. Spice not only disrespected Nikki Z but also brought Mavado’s name into the conversation.

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Spice accused Nikki Z of being a fake and dedicated a song of the same name to the radio personality. The disrespect did not stop there however. Spice went on to claim that dancehall star, Mavado, had sex with Nikki Z and let’s just say he discarded her the way he discarded the used condom.

“…You a gwan like a me make the god from the gully (referring to Mavado) f**k yu and no want yu,” Spice wrote on Instagram.

Dabcehall Star Spice Instagram post
Dabcehall Star Spice Instagram post

Whether this is all a plan publicity stunt by Spice, only time will tell. Once thing is certain, however, this is making dancehall fun again.

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