Rita Marley had to serve Bob Marley and his lover breakfast in bed.

Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley
Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley

According to Bob Marley’s former manager, Danny Sims, Bob Marley had Rita Marley serving breakfast to him and his lover and mother of Damian Marley, Cindy Breakspeare, while they lay in bed.

It is fair to say that women have come a long way since the 1970s and 80s. Could you imagine in today’s world, a woman having to serve her husband and his side chick breakfast in bed? Probably not going to happen, at least not with a western woman.

It is difficult to believe that a real Rasta would show such utter disrespect to the Black woman but according to Sims it got to the point where Rita would do it willingly.

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Sims told Roger Steffens, the author of the book “So Much Things to Say” that when Marley got ill and was staying at his Manhattan apartment in the summer of 1980, his wife Rita willingly served Bob and Breakspeare breakfast in bed.

If Rita Marley was actually treated this bad then there might be some truth to what Bunny Wailer said about Rita and Chris Blackwell being responsible for the poisoning and subsequent killing Bob Marley. Let’s face it, no woman, especially one with a Jamaican background would subject herself to such treatment without thinking of a way to get revenge.

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‘So Much Things To Say’ is built around interviews Steffens had with people close to Marley, who died from cancer in 1981. Breakspeare, Sims, Bunny Wailer, Joe Higgs, Allan “Skill” Cole, and Lee Jaffe are some of the key players.

Rita Marley is matriarch of the Marley estate, which is a multi-million-dollar empire. 18 Karat Reggae is not aware of any contact between her and Breakspeare.



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