Marrying for a Green Card / Permanent visa.

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interracial couple
interracial couple

We always talk about marrying for love or security. Yet we seldom discuss other reasons why people get married. Like marrying an American so you can get a visa. Let’s face it, those temporary American visas can be a pain. Regardless of what your goals are for coming to the United States, it always seems like as soon as you start getting close to reaching those goals it is time to head back to your home country. By the way, if you stay even a week past your allotted time, you are considered an “illegal alien” for that week and often times have to pay a fine.

So why not just pay an American to get married and get a permanent visa so you can come and go as you please without the time limitation? Is anything wrong with that? To me it is business and should be conducted like any other business deal. Two people negotiate a deal and come to some financial agreement. In most cases both parties know and understand that there is no intimacy involved, although I suspect it does not always work out that way.

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I think Americans should stop whining over illegal immigrants and capitalize on the situation. Why waste time at the Mexican border trying to keep Mexicans out? It might make more sense for these people to marry a Mexican for a year and earn some hard cold cash. Yes, I heard if you are an American citizen it only takes about a year to successfully file for your spouse and for them to receive their green card. After which, you could file for a divorce and get ready for the next marriage. Hey, you could be making an extra $20,000 USD on a regular basis, that has to be good for the American economy. Plus, nothing will stop illegal immigration anyway, so if you can’t beat them, join them in holy matrimony.

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What do you think of the whole idea of people marrying so one can get their visa?



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  1. It’s a federal crime In the USA both parties will face jail and the illegal will get deported after serving time …they dig deep to make sure a marriage is real but go ahead if you like they don’t mind sending you to prison

  2. I was twice for love and get a green card.but my last wife is my ex cause one the move her to divorce was exactly that .she starts to think the my love was paper( men you don’t know how a feel) so shame my love deposit in a garbage can . It’s hurting me so hard that after 7 years my heart still blink and my love staying in the bucket
    That why ,I recommend if marriage for paper don’t pretend be in love and just talk
    Other wise you will be suffer as me

    the worse is that I’m so afraid to follow in love and don’t think the I be able to recover my passion for any one .
    Is not a healthy story but better to be alone and no suffer .that been horrible for me.
    I hope one I can understand why but now I still and same path and keep my hailing in secret.
    Life is going on and not motive to stopping
    I’m still in love with life which is cruel and beautiful at the same time.

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