Alkaline accuses Drake and Popcaan of being lovers.

Popcaan and Drake
Popcaan and Drake

In a new song called “Microwave”, Alkaline accuses Drake and Popcaan of being lovers.

There has been word on the street that Drake bought Popcaan a new convertible Range Rover Evoque. Whether that is true or not, Alkaline did not hesitate to use it against Popcaan. Referring to the Unruly one as Flopcaan, the Vendetta Boss chants:

Man wi shoot up the car weh yuh man buy gi yu, mek yo affi left that abandon
Yuh get 30 million worth of ride and a range and a pack of tampon
Everybody know a pure box and kick yo get, Yuh should have never sing that song
Who me a talk suck pussy Flopcaan, the whole world know yo no bad man
Anywhere mi si yuh pussy me a buss yuh face, show you say yuh can’t style one don

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While Pocaan has yet to respond to Microwave, Drake did not take too kindly to Alkaline’s dis and took to twitter to tweet:

I know a battery name Alkaline not a person #unruly

Listen to the full song below:



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