Would a white Jesus save you from white oppression?

White Jesus
White Jesus

By: Alvin Mahfood

How do you truly feel deep inside when the white JESUS they had people worshipping turns out to be a “(TOTAL FRAUD)” taught for hundreds of years to poor people especially black uneducated poor people by demonic PRIESTS?

How do you actually and truly feel when you look at the fraudster politicians who are LEADERS of you nation/country giving glory/praises, also paying homage to your slave master, alien invader, foreign conqueror, half-man, HALF-BEAST, Neanderthal being, and giving reverence to the same white JESUS demonic teachings

Aren’t These the same two political parties who both were created by and worked for the ENEMIES of the BLACKRACE that were teaching black PEOPLE lies as truth, “(Now)” being led by white college brainwashed educated imbeciles calling themselves preachers and educators?

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How do you feel when a RASTAMAN educated outside of the box points out the real TRUTH to you in details about black history and not what the brainwash education SHITSTEM were and is still teaching in schools and churches?

Do you really look deeply within re-assess and accept?

Or do you continually indulge in the wrong teachings deeper, denying righteousness And Truth because you feel and look ashamed/like a fool to the public, your friends & children?

The white JESUS illusionary fantasy teachings is really a mentally destructive search adventure/challenge which causes you to be searching for nothing in nothing so you always end up with nothing.

And because you realize/know after a certain period of time or experience, it’s all in vain, instead of making that “u turn”/180% turn you SUCCUMB to peer pressure: “(i:e)” what will people think? What will the neighbors say? What will my job do?

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So you start calling it a norm because everyone does it, or most people do it, or quite a few people do it too, so it can’t be so bad/ wrong.

That’s the exact point in time spiritually you make the wrong decision and that’s your right to choose. But the big question is: Can and or Will an enemy teach a conquered people the real truth?


Thank you



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