Friday the 13th is not a bad lucky day for Rasta.

Rasta don't fear Friday the 13th
Rasta don't fear Friday the 13th

In the West, they try to have us believe that 13 is an unlucky number. It is supposedly so unlucky that skyscrapers in New York City do not even have a 13th floor. Look in any elevator and you will see that after 12, the next number is 14.

Then there is Friday the 13th that is supposedly a very bad lucky day.

The truth is, there is nothing bad lucky about the number 13. When Babylon wants to hide certain truth, they make up these false claims and stories. The even go as far as get Hollywood to make scary devilish movies called Friday the 13. Looking at 13 as an evil number is the same as looking at marijuana as being ad for you.

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For Rasta, however, 13 is just another number and if anything, a special number. The King James Bible claims that Christ has 12 disciples but Rasta knows that Yeshua Christ actually had 13 disciples.

The Western calendar has 12 months in a year but the Ethiopian calendar has 13 months in a year.

Rasta also has 13 rules that they live much the same way the Christians have 10 commandments.

Therefore, Friday the 13 is not a scary day to Rasta, it is just another blessed day from the most high, the creator.

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