Usian Bolt will be competing at the Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

Jamaicans can breathe a sigh of relief and American sprinters can continue being upset, mad and angry. Last week the fastest man in the world injured his hamstring and had to pull out of the Jamaican Olympic qualifiers.

While Jamaicans dread the thought of the island’s hero not being able to compete at the 2016 Olympics, American sprinters criticized Bolt for faking the injury in order to get more rest and more training time. Well, whatever, fans of the sprinter can now celebrate that they will get a chance to see him on the track in Brazil.

It is a great thing that the Jamaican Athletic Association has rules in place that can protect superstar athletes like Bolt should they get injured and not able to compete in a qualifier. these rules that the country has in place will allow Bolt to be named to the Jamaican Olympic team this evening.

The rule allows for four athletes to be submitted for each event, but only three can enter. Providing that they meet the qualifying performance and prove their fitness, their names will be submitted at the technical meeting usually held a few days before the start of competition.




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