Mystery Woman says Kasi Bennett was with Usain Bolts Brother before him!

We all know who Usain Bolt is by this point;  yes, the fastest man alive and the richest runner in the history of track and field with a personal net worth of $60 millionUSD, he is probably the most popular man in the world right now, a golden boy in the tracks, has a girlfriend of 2 years (supposedly pregnant) Kasi Bennett whom he took on a posh vacation recently (Four Seasons Hotel, rumored to fetch a whopping price of £12,500 Pounds per week (approximately JMD 2 million)., you know the rest!


Well; a source in the form of an anonymous woman launched a social media attack against Kasi Bennett yesterday. She took to Kasi’s Instagram page and full out accused her of having been in a romantic relationship with Usain Bolt’s brother Sadeki Bolt whom she later traded in for his wealthy, celebrity brother Usain Bolt!

The timing is tricky as Usain has been making snap chat posts of the two enjoying their vacation. The caption on one of the photos read “She said yes” along with a heart emoji.

Who is this mystery woman and what’s her motive? 18 Karat Reggae can neither deny or confirm the details of this story but will keep you posted on developments.




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