Brett Ikon is the new Jamaican Singing Sensation with an International Flare!


Brett Ikon wants to be the first Jamaican to capitalise on the popularity of the current Reggae-Infused-Pop phenomena that has brought the likes of Rihanna and Justin so much leverage in 2016.

The 22-year-old singer recently released What Makes This Work, his first song. It has the dancehall/islands flavour that made Bieber’s Sorry and Work by Rihanna mega-sellers.

According to Brett Ikon, initial promotion for the single is in a medium that has worked wonders for other forms of rhythm-driven music, like EDM and House.

“We’re trying to get it in the clubs ‘cause that’s where the young people are,” he told theJamaica Observer. “Tropical house is really exciting and that’s why its catching on with people like me.”

What Makes This Work is produced by Cargill “Mr Dre” Lawrence. While it is geared at the young and hip, Brett Ikon said its message is universal.

“The lyrics are mature; it speaks to marriage.”
Born Brett Smith in Montego Bay, Brett Ikon attended Cornwall College, where his admiration for acts like Vybz Kartel and Drake developed. The passion for dancehall and hip hop grew after he left high school, but it was not until this year that he began recording. Stay chune! Bret Ikon is one to watch!



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