Jamaican Entrepreneur “Larry Nembhard” has a message to AFRICAN AMERICANS

A strong advocate of Afrocentricism and Self Reliance – Larry Nembhard is a Jamaican Entrepreneur  – Owner of Larry’s Compressor Plus, had this to say in speaking about the 2016 US Elections!

Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

“For the past few months when Black people talk about America they keep repeating the names Hillary and Donald Trump. The latter is spoken of mostly, due to his popularity because of his bigotry and so much more things that he keeps saying, and also because the popular networks like CNN keeps talking about him. One don’t need test glasses to see that whatever these popular networks keep broadcasting is what is spoken of on social media. Again, whatever is spoken of mostly on social media is what dictates how we spend, vote, eat, dress ect. With that said social media really dictates how we live our lives, sounds extreme but true. With that said let me ask the first out of many questions that I will ask: is Donald Trump America’s problem? How better has Black people’s lives been under the presidency of Barack Obama, the Black president?

Black men are still not seeing the relevance of their presence in their children’s lives. Black women, collectively, keep spending billions of dollars on fake hair and make-up that mimics peoples of other races. Worst the same people that enslaved their ancestors and who continue to do so today. The amount of Black men being incarcerated yearly is stupendous, even in recent years under the presidency of a Black man. How many Black men have been murdered by White police officers in America without even going to court, much more go to jail or prison, during the two terms under president Obama?

Black people are caught up in sensationalism. We jump on the hot topics of the day or week. So when a Black man is murdered by a White police office on camera and it goes viral, then #BLACKLIVESMATTER. I am of the opinion that Trump would be worst than Hilary; but does that mean Hilary would be good for Black people in America? Under a Hilary led government, will Black men not be murdered by White police officers? Will a White woman president do more for Black men in America than a Black president that served two terms?

Black people, in my view, need to realize that we are the only one that can save us. We are the only ones that can demand respect to the extent that we actually get it. We need to first respect ourselves if we need respect from peoples of other races. We need to value FAMILY. We need to value EDUCATION. We need to value ORGANIZATION, which without it will simply be impossible to attain any form of respect from others. We need to value our COLLECTIVE SPENDING POWER. These are the things that will get us where we want to be; not by voting for a specific political party, not by voting for a specific gender, not by voting for a person of a specific skin tone, not by voting for a person of a specific race.

A political party is an organization that has certain core values and aims. And a country that has/had world power had to have done, and has to be doing certain things, to attain and maintain such dominance. Think about it, do you think a country attain world power by respecting peoples of different races? I think a more relevant and intriquate question is, how did White people get to control America? To the point where they no longer see themselves as immigrants and want to deport/run-out milllions of ‘immigrants’ from America. Notice also that when the issue of immigrants is spoken of the so called immigrants are never White. ”

It’s clear, the concern is that African Americans have lost sight of the fact they are not the nation’s priority, so irrespective of who wins the presidency, their growth and prosperity will fall at their own feet.



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