Dancehall Artist “Spice” Faces Bashlash for Raunchy Performance!

In honour of  Jamaican Athletes’ Superb  performance during the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil,  Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness designated October 14-16, 2016 (Heroes Weekend) as a period in which various events would be hosted.

October 14th he hosted a reception at Jamaica House. On Sunday, October 16 the Jamaica National Building Society hosts the JN5K Run/Walk in the streets of Falmouth, a charity event in collaboration with the Usain Bolt Foundation in which some of the Olympic athletes will participate,” Minister Grange said. ALL THAT IS AMAZING and newsworthy but that’s not the focus here!

A gala was also held for the Rio delegation in western Jamaica on Sunday evening hosted at the Melia Braco Village in Trelawny. ‼️Dancehall Artist SPICE was booked as a performer at the gala which was predominantly attended by the Upper Echellon aka “Bourgeoisie Society” of the nation! To make matters worst, SPICE was somehow slated to follow Gospel Artist Kevin Downswell.

Jamaican Gospel Artist Kevin Downswell
Jamaican Gospel Artist Kevin Downswell
Dancehall artist Spice
Dancehall artist Spice

To state the obvious, SPICE was received with Wide-Eyed ????, Cover-Faced ????Blank stares. In case your wondering, she did perform her current hit “Indicator” … here’s the hook!

Heey watch mi goh sit down wid it
Bummer me a buggle
Bumpa ah jump init
Indicator dem ah watch how mi did it
Photo coolage fi ketch it dem a print it
Bumpa jumping
Watch how my bumpa jumping
left right, bumpa jumping
Pan di buddy my bumpa jumping
Left right, bumpa jumping
Indicator bumpa jumping
Left right bumpa jumping
Pan di buddy my bumpa jumping, left right

Now here’s the thing, there’s a major BACKLASH; people are saying Spice was too Raunchy.

Who’s fault is it? The organizers or Spice?




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