Alkaline’s fans are shit houses, according to MC Nuffy.


MC Nuffy is not a big fan of Alkaline and he is not mincing his words in letting the public knows how he feels about the Vendetta Boss.

Nuffy was siding with Beenie Man who believes that Alkaline is disrespecting the Jamaican people. Below is Nuffy’s statement to a Jamaican tabloid in regards to Alkaline.

Me did done say it from long time say Alkaline nuh wah do nuh show a Jamaica, and a nuh me or Beenie Man alone a say it, everybody inna di industry a talk it. Alkaline just a cheat the industry and the culture, and him is just ungrateful.

A di truth Beenie Man, a talk a nuh lie. Mi support and defend Beenie Man pan dis. Beenie Man nah tell nuh lie. Beenie Man a big man, weh him a tell lie pan di bwoy Alkaline fah. Beenie Man hear him and me believe Beenie Man say him hear him.

Alkaline a nuh no bad artiste, him just hot right now. Who is Alkaline fi a ask who is Beenie Man, and a disrespect the big icon, the general. Bwoy, yuh nuh have no manners, and mi wah see yuh fi box yuh hard, three hard box.

Alkaline fans dem a baby, shit houses and john crow dem. Di people dem weh a talk fi Alkaline and a say dem a fans, dem a hypocrite just di same. Dem nah see him, but dem a defend him. How yuh fi a defend a man weh yuh nah see? How yuh fi like a person and say yuh is a fan and yuh can’t get fi see him fi interact wid him or nothing? Dat a nuh respect?

Alkaline fi understand say di same people weh support yuh today, will turn against yuh tomorrow because this is Jamaica and we a one hard set a people fi please.

Tell Alkaline say we nuh see him as nobody, and we nuh care bout him, a just the music we want. If yuh a hot artiste, you can’t just a war and a disrespect people pan CD and Instagram and Twitter, and lyrically yuh nah come stand up pan a stage in front of a man. Yuh is a hypocrite to dancehall music and dancehall culture.

Alkaline has yet to respond to MC Nuffy’s criticisms. Like 18 Karat Reggae facebook page to be notified as soon as alkaline responds.



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