Trumps Presidency scared 2 Republican Stalwarts in Hospitalization.

Just days before Inauguration of Donald Trump (Americas 45th President Elect), Former President – George GHW Bush & wife Barbara Bush ends up in a Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas!

The 92 years old former president  was admitted on Saturday to the intensive care unit  to address an acute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia while the 91 year old Bush Matriarch Barbara was admitted there Wednesday morning after experiencing fatigue and coughing.

What does this mean? The Bushes are Stalwarts in the Republican Party, they are not necessarily fond of Trump’s positions, they skipped the Republican National Convention and it has been announced that Bush and his wife’s presence were not to be expected at inauguration of Donald Trump because of health reasons. 

Is their hospitalization a referendum on how they may be taking the fact that the Republican Party is about to change; possibly forever? Is this politically calculated? Who know but Trump may not have the blessing of these two.

Trump tweeted to wish the Bushs well but of course he had to make it about himself!

Anyhow…Get well soon George and Barbara.



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