Bob Marley will become a billionaire if Marijuana is legalized nationally.

Bob Marley Natural
Bob Marley Natural

Marijuana is on an unstoppable rise. Once the herb is fully legalized worldwide, it will make many wealthy people. There is no single person that stands to gain more than the king of reggae Bob Marley.

It is seldom that one thinks of marijuana and don’t think of Bob Marley, so it was only natural that his name would represent a marijuana brand and that brand is Marley Marley Natural.

Marley Natural is a new company instigated by the family to create and market cannabis products and accessories. Should marijuana become legal under Donald Trump’s administration it would make the Marley estate instant billionaire.

Stephen “Ragga” Marley, a Grammy-winning reggae artist who was nine when his father died from cancer in 1981, called the new company family “destiny.” “As a people, as a culture in Jamaica, as a Rastaman, herb is such a big part of our life. It’s a sacrament to us,” Marley, 43, told Rolling Stone. “People are getting educated about this plant — not just a get-high thing, but what the plant is, was and what it has to offer as a plant. That is the greatest thing: People are getting educated and make their own decisions.”

As legal medical marijuana spread across an increasing number of states in the U.S., pot entrepreneurs have sought a Marley endorsement for years. The process of creating Marley Natural began three years ago, when the family reached out to potential partners through its entertainment rep, Creative Artists Agency. “We wanted to build a brand that in some way could fuel change,” said Tahira Rehmatullah, the company’s general manager. “It’s an amazing collaborative effort.”

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Music is a family tradition, but so is business, insisted Stephen. Marley Natural taps into the side of Bob Marley “that was a businessman. My father had his own record plant, his own record shop, his own pressing plant. He was a very wise businessman.”



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