The alleged events that led to the fight between Buju Banton and his son.

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Markus Myrie and Buju Banton
Markus Myrie and Buju Banton

Just couple days before the Long Walk to Freedom concert in Jamaica, Buju Banton was accused by his own son of beating up the youngster. Fans were curious as to what could have caused the altercation but both parties refused to divulge much detail about the incident.

18 Karat Reggae have now learned of all the events that led up to the boiling point that ended in a physical confrontation between Buju Banton and his son.

Apparently the bad blood started after a car owned by Buju Banton was being driven by Marcus Myrie and got into a very serious accident. After the accident, Buju forbid Markus from driving the car but this did not go over well with Markus and bad blood started to brew.

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Things got more heated when two boxes of tickets that Buju Banton for the Long Walk to Freedom concert came up missing. It is alleged that the boxes of tickets were locked in a room that only Buju and Markus had access to. So when the tickets went missing Buju blamed it on Markus.

Sources close to Buju Banton says that the Hills and Valleys artiste was angry over the missing tickets because he had already given two boxes of tickets to Markus for him to do whatever he wanted with them. Banton felt betrayed that his own son would do such a thing even after he was given his own boxes of tickets.

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Buju Banton confronted Markus about the missing tickets but the youngster denied taking the tickets and did not take kindly to the accusations. A heated exchange developed between the two at which point it is said that Markus got very disrespectful and began to refer to Buju as a “coke-head” and “battyman”.

It is alleged that Buju Banton did not appreciate the disrespect as there were other people present during the heated exchange. The elder attacked the youngster with couple punches to the face and then kicked him to the ground. .



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