Young Wo

Kendal Carter AKA Young Wo is taking hip-hop back to a higher place.

Kendal Carter, better known as his performance name “Young Wo,” is a 24 year old rapper from a small town in Alabama. Young Wo’s first encounter with music began at the early age of 5 […]


Drake Announces he is expecting a baby.

Drake is expecting a baby and he is filled with pride and joy. “I am growing y’all but I have a young one on the way,” the rapper told a surprised European audience while performing […]


Ice-T Feels vindicated for “Cop Killer”.

“When I wrote ‘Cop Killer,’ people weren’t actually killing cops,” says Ice-T. “But I was saying, ‘If you keep going in this direction, then this potentially could happen.’ And I was proven right. Twenty-five years […]