Angel Farrah is La Unica taking over Spotify.

Angel Farrah
Angel Farrah

Angel Farrah’s first single “La Unica” is prophetic to whatever else she has in store for us this year. Her sound is what the industry will be receiving.

Just seconds into the song all you hear is,”Fuck all of dem bitches! Fuck all of dem bitches!” sang richly and audaciously as the speakers are filled with some good southern cooking on the beat. Her Spanish flare on the track proves that she really may be “La Unica” with it now being available to bless our playlists this Spring. Angel Farrah’s music is now available on Itunes, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms.

Angel Farrah Fannin a.k.a. Angel Farrah is an American jazz improvisation saxophonist, R&B singer-songwriter, Hip Hop lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist. Her knack for poetry gives her a special edge when it comes down to the lyrical content of her music and it is evident in “La Unica.” Sincerity, confidence, smoothness, and realness are not just vibes anymore; it is what encompasses Angel Farrah’s swagger on the track.

When speaking about the track, Angel Farrah describes it as an attempt to turn around what has been seeming to become the norm in regards to not valuing oneself in a relationship or valuing oneself in general. She states, “I don’t understand why the value of femininity has been measured with material things or when it became okay to having someone spend money on me, because I’m giving them sex. I’m not saying it’s wrong but I want to tell the next girl to get her own at all costs so we don’t get caught up in playing ourselves to believe that that may be the only way to obtain nice things. I pay for my own if I can and rather do my own. It takes strength to really have to work for what one wants the most rather than getting it easily. I want to promote inner strength within my community and to the people around me. I want women and men to feel empowered when they hear “La Unica.”

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Men need to be singing “el unico” over me too, because women can run game just like any man. When did we turn a blind eye to lyrics talking about getting a bag after having sex with someone or feeling like it’s generally okay to have a side partner? I’m the type of woman that wants to be the only one my partner is with and concerned about. I want to be able to pride myself in getting my own. I want to uplift with my sound at all costs and I want every listener whether it be male or female to hear Angel Farrah. I rap too and I want to be your favorite rapper. Not just your favorite female rapper. I know there are people craving that and I want to give that to them. I want to go as hard as I can for them”

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Angel Farrah’s boldness is evident on the track “La Unica” and this won’t be the last of her. Expect her debut album to be hitting stores this Summer. Keep an eye out for more singles by Angel Farrah in the meantime.

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