Jay Z planning to leave Beyoncé, according to an inside source.

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z

Last night Beyoncé made history by becoming the most-decorated woman in Grammys history by winning her 28th Grammy Award. However, things might not be looking so rosy for the Halo singer on the romantic front.

According to a close source to Jay Z, the rapper has been having thoughts of leaving his wife. As Beyoncé gets older, Jay Z is starting to look at younger women who are beautiful as Beyoncé was when the pair got married, according to the source.

“You are talking about arguably the greatest rapper of all time and we all know that rappers want the best cars, jewelry and women, Jay Z is no different,” the source said. “Beyoncé is still beautiful but she is getting older now and let’s just say Jay Z is looking at greener pastures.”

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The source claims that it is only a matter of time as Jay Z is just looking for the perfect opportunity to put an end to the relationship.

“Every great business man who goes into business always have an exit strategy in place. Jay did not have an exit strategy before getting married and that’s the only reason why is still with Beyoncé. I guess he is not as great at marriage as he is at business,” the source continued.

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When asked if there were any specific “greener pastures” that Jay Z was looking at, the source said he had his eyes on way too many to be specific.

“Jay has major green and can plow on any green pasture of his choosing. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and that when will be pretty soon,” the source concluded.



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