Rap Music was created by the Irish, not Blacks.

greatest rappers of all time
greatest rappers of all time

KRS-One would blow a fuse if he heard this crap. Silly white lady trying to take away Black people credit for creating rap music and hip hop.

Here I am thinking that Rap started in the Boogie Down Bronx, then today it hit me like a train, rap music started in Ireland. Thanks for this revelation by a silly white girl name Letitia. She got upset because someone in a forum because someone told her that her name was a Black name. Below is her kindergarten type rant without any editing.

Marshall Mathers gets crap for being a white rapper(He is good, I am not a fan of rap, but I like him). Rap is supose to be created by the black race when really, rap is lymric which was created by the irish. Then there are those blacks that want to be country singers (followers of Billy Picket, famous black cowboy). My friend moved to Florida for a year and move back, it was a big culture shock to her, she said no one got along except for their own race. Michigan is not like that, Not even in Detroit. Why, maybe becuase Michigan has a strong and historic relationship with white and black friend ship(the underground railroad, and we are northern)

Second thing is I get telemarketers with thick southern black accents. For some reason when they see my Name LETITIA they assume I am black, until they hear me and know I am white then they call me Litia(lidia) and I have to explain to them no its letitia, then they say isn’t that black? Then I get pissed, and rudely educate them on their history and name origin, and they never call back. Nothing pisses me off more. Letitia is a very old english name in the back of the catholic bible meaning Joy. It is popular amung the black community but is by no means of black historic ansestry. Other white women named Letitia are: First Lady Letitia (Johnson, and slave owner), Letitia Costa(french supermodel), Letitia Baldaridge(queen of elequites), Letitia scandanavian queen(whom I was named after from the catholic bible) I Don’t mind if others share my name, it is unique, but to lump its true origin with a culture popularity buzz really pisses me off, cause they are not only insulting me and my origins, but theirs as well.

I think Letitia is pretty stupid in even suggesting that rap music came from lymrick. I think lymrick has in common with rap the same thing it has with any lyrics that rhyme and is written in any rhythmic pattern, this goes for almost all genres of music, poetry and nursery rhyme.

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