Popcaan and Mavado are not in any beef.

Mavado and Popcaan
Mavado and Popcaan

Mavado and Popcaan are not at odds, according to Popcaan’s manager, Sharon Burke. Burke said he is not aware of Mavado and Popcaan being in any beef, lyrical or otherwise.

Rumors have been swirling that the two artists were throwing jabs at each other with some fans going as far as taking sides. While beef in dancehall is not unusual, if there is beef between Popcaan and Mavado it has been very subliminal.

The beef rumor started when Popcaan released his single, We Still A Win (World Cup), which many have labelled as a diss track and response to Mavado’s Big League.

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In his song, Popcaan states: “We nuh know bout league cause a we name World Cup.”

In what could be considered a response, Mavado posted the following to his instagram:

Some little artiste boy fi know dem blood claat self. Don’t make me have to get dark because dem know how it will go. When you talking bout the Don, have some respect like you talking about your mom. Dem dead to me. Don’t make it start, just know that.

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When contacted, Popcaan’s agent, Sharon Burke, CEO of Solid Agency, told 18 Karat Reggae that she was not aware of any issues between both artistes.

“This is the first I’m hearing about this. I know that Solid Agency and Mavado are friends. Mavado is friends with other Solid Agency artistes such as Bounty and Sasco. Solid Agency and Mavado have no beef. I don’t even know about any issues,” Burke said.



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