John Kelly is as bigoted as Donald Trump.

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When we referred to John Kelly as the man who went from a 4-star general to Donald Trump’s little slut, many peoples said we were out of line and wrong.  Maybe the people who said were wrong, were right.

We thought John Kelly was an honorable man so when he referred to congresswoman Frederica Wilson as an “empty barrel”, we thought it was just some of Donald Trump rubbing off on him. As it turns out, either much more than a little of Donald Trump has rubbed off on the former general or he has always been a racist piece of trash.

In an interview with Fox News, Kelly shows his true colors and we have to say they are a lot like Trump’s.

In Kelly’s opinion, it is disgusting that confederate monuments are being removed from public places.

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“There will be, 100 or 200 years from now, people that criticize us for what we do, and I guess they’ll tear down, you know, statues of people that we revere today.  It’s dangerous, I think, it’s just very, very dangerous and it shows you what, how much of a lack of appreciation of history and what history is,” Kelly said to Laura Ingraham.

Kelly went on to refer to Robert E. Lee as an honorable man and said the civil war could have been avoided by the North and South reaching some kind of a compromise.

“The lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War. And men and women of good faith on both sides made their stand where their conscience had to make their stand,” Kelly continued.

Good faith on both sides?  Didn’t we hear something similar from Trump when white supremacists killed a young lady in Charlottesville a few months ago?  Trump’s statement then was “good people on both sides”.

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But how does one compromise on slavery?  Is that something like instead of full time slaves, they made them part time laves? Or maybe less beatings for the enslaved?

John Kelly has for the second time in two weeks proven that he has absolutely no honor and just like his boss, he is a racist sack of crap.  It is sickening to believe that Black soldiers had to go to wars and give their lives under the command of a man like Kelly.

Congresswoman Wilson is absolutely right, the white house is filled with white supremacists.



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