Vybz Kartel steals Lil Wayne lyrics while accusing others of stealing his style.

Vybz Kartel just releases a new song called Kremlin and as always he is accusing everyone else of being copycats and trying to be like him.

In the former world boss’ mind anyone who bleaches his skin, wears tattoos, wears braces, goes to court or goes to jail is trying to be like him.

The irony of the song is that although Kartel is accusing others of stealing his style, in this song, he is actually stealing Lil Wayne’s lyrics and flow.  Of course Kartel is intelligent enough to flip it around so the average listener won’t catch it.  For the fans that are not only dancehall fans but are also hip hop heads, they will clearly hear the Lil Wayne influence on the song.

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Any hip hop fan who has listened to Lil Wayne’s 6 foot 7 foot will know that Kartel is not only stealing Wayne’s flow but also his lyrics.

So when Lil Wayne rapped: “You know father time, we all know mother nature”, Kartel changed it up a little and say “Addi bad before father time a f@#k mother nature”.

Of course there are some deejays that copied Vybz Kartel style and even tried to look like Kartel in appearance.  However, if you are going to make a song dissing people for copying you, don’t do so in a song where you yourself is copying someone else.

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The copycat



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