White men treat women better than Black men, according to Serena Williams.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams got engaged last week to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Ohanian happens to be white and many are wondering why Serena chose to marry a white man after dating so many Black men.

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Well according to the greatest female tennis player and quite possible the greatest female athlete of all time, of all the men she dated, the white men especially her now fiancé, treated her better than the Black men.

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“When I date someone I never see color,” Serena said, “I date who I have chemistry with, but I must say Alexis has treated me better than any Black man I have dated.”

Serena has dated a slew of Black men including rappers Drake and Common. She has also dated former NFL linebacker Lamar Arrington and basketball star Amare Stoudemire.



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  1. That is so True that the White man Treat Black Woman so good than the Black man..Serena Williams speaking the true..

  2. No its not true i know a lot of black men that treat black women good come on now. I know ive dated outside my race a lot but not all as soon as they get mad your nigger or your too dark… It depends on the man not the races wish people understood that

  3. She didn’t date no real black dudes. Dudes who live in the real world, Who get treated differently due to their race. The dudes she dated get preferred treatment due to there status and wealth. Guys that usually have money are jerks,because they can have whomever they want. I really don’t believe she said that, if she did; I’m done with her for real.

  4. She doesn’t call out those other white guys she has dated . This is that old tires ain’t not good black men lie females use to put the blame on black men. Tell Serena to ask Halle Berry about all those good white men and particularly one who called her all types of Nigger bitches . Serena racist attacks where she was called a man , apeand ugly was all done by white men.

  5. The color of skin does not matter it is the character of the man. What type of person is he. Good and bad in all races. The person she selected, she connected with and the person just happens to be white.

  6. 100 years ago the same white man she putting on a pedastal would have been whupping her arse and lynching her black men for just being black. Serena should Never diss her race just because of the few bad choices she made. Those guys do not represent ALL Black men any more than a few bad black women represent ALL Black women…Shame on her
    I love my black sisters no matter what.

  7. I don’t care who she chooses to marry, white, black, dog or cat…..but if she doesn’t contribute to helping her community thrive, she is a waist of capital.

  8. Just to enlighten you on one of your statements Scott Dowdy: black people alone did not put our dear President Obama in office, so think about that!

  9. Serena hates herself and she hates her people. Marriage with the other nations is a sin. She is just another bed wench for the white man.

  10. Stereotyping all black by the acts of few equally means that Serena herself has the propensity to be to Alexis what Drake was to her…

    Oh I wish humans can for once take each person for who he/she is rather than generalising based on colour or gender. the fact that Serena has dated Drake, Lamar and all those does not make all black men bad, neither does it automatically make the opposite colour better. Has she checked the common social attributes of the black men she dated, has she tried a responsible black too?
    Saying that she does not see colour when dating a guy is to untrue since she could relate colour to be her supposed difference between those men. Meanwhile as a human, I have seen several whites that divorced and I have seen blacks doing the same.
    What a person or some few did should not be used to judge a whole race. Doing so equally mean that Serena has the propensity to be to Alexis what Drake was to her…

  11. This is a clickbait article. The title is fake. at no point does she say White men treat women better… She said Alexis treats her better than any man shes been with.. nd he just happens to be white.. What a bias and racist article.. if you can’t see the bias you are an idiot.

  12. There are good black men out there and the black man are rapidly decreasing or incarcerated. Also we fail as a black man because we was never taught to be a good black man. That habit or treat was never pass down to generation to generation. Hell I’m a good black man I’m not saying I’m perfect but my mom can’t teach me to be a man because she is not a man but I think I’m doing great I’m a young black man age of 26 always had a job (diesel technician) right now looking for work (that suck) but looking I overcome many of habits and treats of my bloodline I’m just trying to get my life straight before I get my wife.

  13. Her analysys is only based upon the black and white males that she has experienced…not that of everyone else. Serena Williams opinion of black and white men is not the measuring stick for all me no matter what the color. Should we be dumb enough to think that white men don’t mistreat white, as well as black women? That’s rather shallow thinking to me!

  14. Miss Fit has the best reply so far but people say things to get public reaction! I just read because my concerns are mine!

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  1. Jamaican men treat women better than American men.

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