Drake admits to buying Range Rover Evoque for Popcaan.

Drake and Popcaan
Drake and Popcaan

In his song “Microwave” which is a diss track aimed at Popcaan, Alkaline sings: “Man will shoot up di car weh yuh man buy gi yuh.” This was enough to get tongues wagging in the dancehall community as it became everybody’s business to know how Popcaan got his Range Rover Evoque convertible.

Inquiring minds need to wonder no more. Drake did buy the Range for Popcaan but it is not some kind of bromance and Drake is not Popcaan’s man as Alkaline stated.

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The Range Rover is simply part of a deal in Popcaan signing to Drake’s OVO Sound Canadian music label.

According to a Drake insider, the deal is all but complete, it is just a matter of lawyers dotting a few I’s and crossing a few T’s. Financial details of Popcaan’s new contract is not public but the insider said it is a multi-album deal worth millions of dollars for Popcaan.

So Alkaline is half right, Drake did buy Popcaan the Range but Drake is not Popcaan’s man. It is all part of a business deal.

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