America, Why So Much Hate?

America, why so much hate
America, why so much hate

I will never understand the will to hate. Posts and arguments of anger and frustration towards one another, when in reality these people have never even seen each other face to face or know nothing more than someone’s political interests.

Is it our ego? Is it to protect our pride? Is it that we seek to feel heard because throughout the fraction of our lives that we have lived, no one has truly paid attention to our thoughts or opinions?

All this is bottled up negativity explodes out because of who will run this country; one excuse to suddenly make everyone the expert on what is right and wrong. If we say we believe in God, if we say we believe in some sort of higher power, or even if we just say that we believe in treating others the same way we wish to be treated, then why all the hate?

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God does not hate, a higher power does not wish us to hate upon creation, and certainly no one wants to be treated with hate. Of course there is the right to free speech, of course I know that not everyone understands how to communicate without coming off as defensive or offensive, and of course all are entitled to an opinion, but please, the next time the opportunity arises for discussion take a moment to filter out the bias and anger one may have before just talking to someone.

I’m only saying all this because I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve read or seen something that bleeds hate and anger as a result of this election. Is this really the world that we live in? We are blessed to simply even live in this country. We know nothing of true poverty, of true fear; I don’t either but college has introduced me to people who come from countries where that is real.

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We have so many opportunities to make our lives and the lives of others better, and we can start by having empathy: understanding someone’s situation or feelings regardless of how you feel about it. We all make mistakes. We are human, but remember that we only get one life to live and people will remember us by how we treated others.

By: Jonathan Ruiz



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