Alkaline passes Vybz Kartel to become dancehall’s most popular artist.

Vybz Kartel and Alkaline
Vybz Kartel and Alkaline

Gaza fans will not like this but it is true. Alkaline has now bypassed Vybz Kartel to become the hottest and most popular artist in dancehall. Dancehall is no longer dead or in prison, Alkaline has the genre in the palm of his hands.

If there are any doubters about Alkaline’s dominance just check out his Youtube views versus any other artists. Unless Alkaline is buying Youtube views, there is no way anyone can deny his complete dominance of the genre. The only country in the world that Vybz Kartel leads Alkaline in Youtube views, is in Jamaica.

Vybz Kartel is the Gaza don and his still embraced by his Gaza fans but the larger segment of the dancehall community is admitting that Alkaline has found the formula to stay on top has the champion boy. In fact, all dancehall fans should be calling their mayors and telling him or her that Alkaline deserves a key to the respective city.

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Although Vybz Kartel remains one of the top dancehall lyricists of all time, the lyrics he is releasing are just not as potent as those being released by the vendetta boss.

Alkaline continues to make hot songs for the girls, the cars and the clubs; and every now and then he takes time out to mop the floor with a DJ like he is currently doing with Vybz Kartel’s protégé, Popcaan.

Vybz Kartel continues to make hit songs even while behind bars, but because he is not able to do any interviews or live performances, his popularity can’t rival that of Alkaline. With Alkaline scheduled to be on Reggae Sumfest 2017, he will most likely create and even greater distance between himself and Kartel.

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Heavy D of Supreme Promotions told 18 Karat Reggae that, “Selectors are playing more Alkaline than any other artists. He is getting more radio rotation than any other artists. Promoters and producers are requesting him more than any other artists. This is something that cannot be said about Vybz Kartel currently.”

Recently Alkaline released a song called “Microwave” where he refers to Popcaan as flopcaan, many fans are saying the song is so hot it could crush Popcaan’s career.



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