I am a Jamaican. I am a Reggae Music Star. I am Gay. Deal with it.

Diana King
Diana King

Being true to yourself and living an authentic life is the best decision a person could ever make. I did not know what would happen when I came out. I actually expected the worst, but nothing has felt better. It feels better than money or things or having hit songs, and it is something I highly recommend to anyone. Be yourself in spite of what others may think about you. Self-approval is a freedom and gift that you give to ourselves and it cannot be taken away from you.

I still pinch myself in disbelief (about my marriage to another woman). Coming from a culture and society like I grew up with in Jamaica, I never thought anything like this was possible for me. It’s been an awesome journey. I am more self-aware and mature now and I have learned to always do my best, remember to breathe and take everything one day at a time, enjoy the present moments and always be grateful. Life is short!

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I was diagnosed with (multiple sclerosis) MS and was told I may never walk again. After months of a myriad of conflicting emotions, I realised I had to make a change. I got up one day and just walked, even though I still could not feel my legs. My doctors still cannot believe it. It was purely the power of my mind. I then learnt how to produce music and I wrote over 100 songs. And with each song I wrote, I felt better and better, happy. I have never taken any drugs for MS. Only meditation and music. Sometimes I still can’t feel my legs and you’d never know, I am equally grateful and fascinated. I AM DIANA KING.

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By: Reggae Music Star, Diana King



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