Reggae-soul fusion artist Melodic Yoza releases new single and music video for “Hey Yoz”.

Melodic Yoza
Melodic Yoza

With summer in full force, there isn’t a more fitting time to announce Reggae-soul fusion artist Melodic Yoza and the release of his newest single “Hey Yoz”. Produced by Keylow Jules, the new track includes seamlessly woven elements of reggae, soul, dancehall and pop that showcase the artist’s unique, blended sound. “Hey Yoz” combines the feel good beat of traditional reggae with Melodic Yoza’s one-of-a-kind style, infectious chants, and heartfelt lyrics. The track comes off his highly anticipated album “Countri Boi Kingston”, set to be released September 4. Melodic Yoza is also excited to announce the release of his music video for “Hey Yoz”, which showcases his buoyant and welcoming persona, much of which is reflected in the single itself. This is the artist’s eighth single with previous tracks including, “Countri Boy Kingston”, “Countri Bunkan” and “Ride on Natty” which have been featured on major productions such as MTV’s Jersey Shore, On The Ice, CBC’s Kim’s Convenience and more. With several projects underway, Melodic Yoza looks forward to reaching audiences worldwide and breaking down barriers between genres.

Melodic Yoza’s newest single is available across major music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and more. The music video for the single is also now available on Youtube.

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Melodic Yoza’s new single, “Hey Yoz”, fuses elements of reggae, soul and Yoza’s own style for a uniquely contagious, feel-good track. The song not only represents Melodic Yoza in its entirety, but also illustrates how the artist truly strives to connect with others. As Yoza builds momentum for his album set to be released in September, this single is just a small taste of what to expect from the Toronto reggae artist.

The music video accompanying the single illustrates Melodic Yoza’s genuine personality, as he is seen casually walking the streets of Toronto’s Kensington Market greeting and interacting with everyone. The video truly illustrates how Melodic Yoza strives to indulge in all cultures, all while reaching people with his unique sound and vibrant persona.

“Yoza is a term I use interchangeably – to greet others, to introduce myself, or to say bye to someone. It was only fitting to draw people in with my catch phrase, and then invite them into my story and history as if I was having a true conversation with them,” says Melodic Yoza. “I wanted this single to truly represent who I am – how I talk and how I interact with others on a daily basis. In the same breath, I also wanted to get personal with my listeners by telling a story that inspires others to be themselves and to keep striving for their personal best.”

“Countri Boi Kingston,” Melodic Yoza’s upcoming reggae fusion album has been in the works since 2015, and includes features with Jahdan Blakkamoore, Jeni Fujita, award-winning Canadian R&B vocalist JRDN, and more. The album tells a tale of the life and travel experiences of a country boy in Kingston, who leaves a small town in St. Thomas to chase his dreams. By sharing his music with the world, Melodic Yoza hopes to to remind others that any dream is possible with passion and perseverance. With his own personal story and guidance woven throughout his lyrics, the 16-track album was written by himself and unifies several different artists and sounds together for a dynamic and melodic body of work.

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“This project, being 4 years in the making, definitely represents a lot of my hard work and dedication,” says music artist, Melodic Yoza. “The album tells a true story about myself, and how I left a small town to make it big, ultimately hoping to reach and inspire listeners around the world. My story is for the people.”

Known for his undeniable talent and on-stage energy, Melodic Yoza has opened for recognized artists such as Sean Paul (Toronto Reggae Festival), Prozzak, Tupac and Snoop Dogg (one of the opening acts in 1996), Scarface, Salt & Pepper, and Shabba Ranks. Since his days as a supporting performer, Melodic Yoza’s solo career has flourished. He’s been featured in numerous magazines including Maxim’s Blender, Stuff, Vibe, Frank 151, Jamaica Observer and more. The Reggae-Soul-Hop artist has also performed at events and venues across North America including the world famous CBGB’s, Le Bar Bat, Lion’s Den, Blue Note, The Canal Room, The Hard Rock Cafe, B.B King NYC and many more.

Spending most of his youth in a Jamaica, Melodic Yoza found his passion for music and began crafting his talent at a young age. He moved to Toronto at the ripe age of 15, where he got his first North American experience as a youth. A few years later, when he relocated to New York in his late teens, that’s where his unique musical style began to flourish. Heavily influenced by the reggae and dancehall beats he grew up to in Jamaica, paired with the hip-hop boom taking place in New York, Melodic Yoza began crafting a new genre of music entirely his own. He began breaking down the barriers between these genres, fusing them together, and bringing both the country influence of Jamaica and the city sounds of New York together to create his own signature sound.

While the transition from small-town Jamaica to New York didn’t come easy, Melodic Yoza was able to channel his experiences through his art. Moving back to Toronto in 2009 when the music scene began to boom, the artist was able to expand his sound and level of influence even further. Melodic Yoza made his next musical evolution with the growing R&B and “melodic” Rap sounds that was finding its way into the Toronto music industry. Throughout his career, Melodic Yoza has been at the centre of each of these cities’ musical growth, contributing to and learning from the many sounds that ultimately attribute to his own musical style. Through his own hardships and life experiences, his passion to share his experiences and connect with his audience has only grown. Armed with an incredible story to tell and a passion for music, Melodic Yoza has established a platform to connect with an audience going through similar experiences.

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About Melodic Yoza

Music. Energy. Lyrics. Originality. Different. Inspiration. Consciousness.

Hailing from New York by way of Jamaica and Canada, Toronto based artist Melodic Yoza is set to create a new genre of music entirely his own making. Inspired by all the places he’s called home, Melodic Yoza seamlessly blends elements of reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, jazz and pop into a personal formula that effortlessly takes old school sounds into to the modern age. Staying faithful to the seven principles that make up his moniker, Melodic Yoza stands in a category of his own with a person mission to break the boundaries of genre.

Spinning from a 25 cent jukebox at his local Jamaican bar, Melodic Yoza first began crafting his musical skills at a early age. The young artist would perform streetside with a microphone supported by a small sound system through shop counter windows. His self developed singing style evolved with these nightly street ciphers alongside different friends under the light posts. However, his charismatic personality, unique sound and powerful lyrics spread far beyond the small-town that raised him.

After moving to Toronto and then New York in his teens, Melodic Yoza quickly gained recognition for consistently adding his signature spice to the booming reggae and hip-hop music scene. His undeniable on-stage charisma and energy soon led him to opening shows for some of the biggest artists including rap legend Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Third World, BushMan, Scarface, Buju Banton, Salt & Pepper, Shabba Ranks, Tiger, Gyptian and Mad Professor. He’s also performed in New York City’s most recognized venues including B.B. KING CBGB’s, Le Bar Bat, and S.O.B’s as well as Yonge and Dundas Square, Nathan Phillip Square Opera House Revival and more in Toronto.

Throughout his career, Melodic Yoza’s music has been featured on major productions such as MTV’s Jersey Shore, On The Ice, and CBC’s Kim’s Convenience. His music has also been shared in numerous national music magazines including Maxim’s Blender, Stuff, Vibe, Frank 151 and Jamaica Observer. As the artist’s music continues to evolve, his connection with brands and dedicated audiences has grown as well. Apart from his music, Melodic Yoza has explored other creative avenues including the launch of his modelling career working alongside brands including Phat Farm Clothing, LRG, Melting Pot and Yard Man Style Outkast Clothing.

Kicking off 2018 with a brand-new single and a highly-anticipated album slated to be released later this year, Melodic Yoza looks forward to connecting with his audience and continuing to share his story through his music.



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