Why does Tanya Stephens have such deep hatred for women?

Tanya Stephens
Tanya Stephens

Over the years, Tanya Stephens has exhibited an extreme hatred for women. It is fair to say that Tanya Stephens hates women more than Jamaicans hate homosexuals.

One has to wonder if she was severely abused by a woman at some point on her life.  Ever since Tanya stopped making good songs, every time she is in the news it is because she is disrespecting a female or supporting someone who has just disrespected a female.

It is no surprise that Tanya would be the has-been celebrity to support the disrespect of Miss Lou by Ishawna.  After all, it was just a few weeks ago that Tanya was spewing her hatred at former prime minister, Portia Simpson.

“Hearing people lament Portia’s departure is like seeing people congratulate my rapist for being a good man.  She isn’t a good person.  Besides unqualified AND an embarrassing representation who wasn’t even of average intelligence as per her public displays, she was also an awful apathetic human who perfected the art of pandering to the hypocrisy of Jamaicans. I’m happy to see her back. I’m not alone. Good riddance,” Tanya Stephens said of the former prime minister.

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At first glance one might be tempted to say that Stephens is just a staunch supporter of the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) and that is the reason for her tirade.  But what does political affiliation has to do with referring to another woman as “an awful apathetic human” or saying “She isn’t a good person.”

Less than two years ago, Tanya’s hatred was pointed towards Marion Hall, the former queen of the dancehall who was then known as Lady Saw.  The hatred then was as deep rooted as it is now.

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Even though Marion Hall had given her life to Christ and was turning over a new page, the hatred in Tanya Stephens heart just couldn’t let it be.  One thing is for sure, Tanya needs a lot of help.  Some might think she just has a lot of anger pent up inside but it is actually more than that. We should all see to it that Tanya gets the psychiatric help she need because we “simply must stop misdiagnosing mental illness and bad behavior of spoilt brats.”




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