98% of Dancehall artistes are bisexuals, according to LA Lewis.

LA Lewis
LA Lewis

LA Lewis dropped a bombshell so loud it was heard in every dancehall reggae community around the world. According to the self-proclaimed 7-Star general, 98% of dancehall artistes are bisexuals.

In an interview with the Jamaican Star, LA Lewis, who just last week, leaked a video of himself performing oral sex on Ishawna, says he would not name the artistes who are bisexual but he is sure that they are.

“Nuff a dem are bisexuals, 98% of the artistes are bisexuals,” LA Lewis tells the Jamaican Star.

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LA’s revelation came after he admitted that he loves oral sex. Rasta artiste did not appreciate LA’s comments and while performing on the GT Taylor show, the Rasta artiste said he would kick LA Lewis in his throat the next time he sees him.

Sizzla’s threat did not go over well with Lewis, who is now revealing what he calls is dancehall biggest secret.

While LA Lewis did not call any names, many on social media have started to discuss who they think the shoes fit.



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