The Famed ‘World Clash’ Gets a New Look.

Irish and Chin
Irish and Chin

Staying true to their commitment of presenting the unique Jamaican art form of sound clash (intense sound system/DJ competition incorporating music, speech and stage presence) to the masses, promoters Irish and Chin are giving their renowned event World Clash a new look. Dubbed the “World Series” or big league of sound clashes, World Clash will no longer feature past world champions in their line up, including clash icon sounds/selectors or the industry’s elite class members, affectionately referred to as “Dinosaurs” by clash fans. Rather, although these sounds have the utmost respect of the promoters and fans, the famed World Clash will serve as the platform for clash stars of tomorrow, yielding the slogan “The Rise of New Champions.”

Set for Saturday, October 8, 2016 inside New York entertainment hub Amazura (Queens, New York), World Clash “The Rise of New Champions” will feature the talents of seven sounds representing five major countries, including Renaissance (Jamaica), Innocent (U.S. Rumble Champion), King Turbo (Canada Rumble Champion), King Tubby’s (United Kingdom), Warrior Sound (Germany), Jugglerz (Germany) and Young Hawk (U.S.). With quite the diverse line up of skilled contenders, rivalries will erupt on the World Clash stage, offering fans an unforgettable Reggae Dancehall experience.

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While some consider this to be a risky move, the ingenuous Irish and Chin promotions team is thrilled about embarking in this new direction, deeming it necessary for their World Clash brand and sound clash overall. “The preservation of sound clash culture is of key importance to me,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. “Changes are necessary to ensure that future champions are entering and thriving in the sound clash arena, while stimulating the interest of younger generations.”

As a part of their RESET (Restoring Exciting Soundsystem Entertainment Together) campaign, the promoters will also ensure that their “World Clash” and “Rumble Series” brands place less emphasis on dub plates and more emphasis on talent, allowing the use of 45s to be played. Further, they will strive to provide more viable local and international platforms for younger contenders to compete. With both the “World Clash” and “Rumble Series” brands, the popular event producers foresee the nurturing of the industry’s next star sound/selector teams.

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Irish and Chin launched the World Clash brand in New York in 1998. With the primary goal of revitalizing New York’s then dwindling sound clash scene, World Clash (in the U.S. and other countries) reached immeasurable heights, catapulting sound clash into International fame while elevating numerous sounds/selectors to celebrity status. Irish and Chin single-handedly breathed life in to sound clash, thrusting World Clash to an undeniable place in Jamaica’s Reggae and Dancehall landscape and culture. If history is any indicator, there is no doubt that World Clash “The Rise of the New Champions” will prosper. Much to their credit, the super promotions team were attracting massive international audiences to the sound clash arena way before corporate interest



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